The Power of Pulse Reading

The most important concept of acupressure is pulse reading. A pulse as in acupressure is defined as a point in the arm that can be felt to determine the flow of energy in a meridian. Pulses are imaginary, just like the meridians. There are nine different pulses that are located in the lower arm area that connects to the wrist. Each pulse has two phases: superficial and deep. If the pulse is absent in the superficial phase, it can be found in the deep phase. Usually, if a pulse is absent in the superficial phase, it indicates that there is a problem in that particular meridian. Deep pulses are usually very hard to locate and if the deep pulse is also absent, the person is said to be in the most severe stage of the problem.

Pulse reading is done by feeling the pulse and following the rhythm, beat, speed, and the characteristic feeling of the pulse. Some pulses have a "spurt" like feeling, while some have a "drop" or a miss in the beat. Some feel like the movement of a snake. Some pulses move fast while others have a slower beat. These are just some of the many things that acupressurists look for when they read pulses. Suppose a person is suffering from a heart problem. The circulation pulse of this person would be found in the superficial phase and there would be a drop found in the pulse after every ten beats. This is just one example of the diagnostic techniques used in acupressure. Problems like arthritis, asthma, menstrual irregularity, indigestion, and many similar problems can be diagnosed by pulse reading. The doctor who taught acupressure and pulse reading to me can even diagnose cancer, and AIDS by just reading the nine pulses located on the arm.

Face Reading

Face reading is not a derivative of acupressure, but it helps in diagnosing a problem. Face reading in acupressure, again, is not spiritual or magical. It is backed up by scientific evidence and the WHO recognizes it. The human face can show many signs that indicate that the person has some health problem. Most of us are familiar with signs like blackness under the eyes, oily skin, pimples, lines on the forehead, and bulging eyes. Each of these indicates a specific health problem. Lines on the forehead indicate that the person is highly depressed; bulging eyes indicate hormonal problem (specifically thyroid); oily skin and pimples again indicated some hormonal imbalance.
There are a lot of other signs that signify a specific health problem. Face reading cannot be used to determine the root cause, and since acupressurists are interested in the root cause, they have to do pulse reading to get to the main problem. So, in essence, face reading helps the acupressurist to at least guess the superficial problem at the first sight of the patient.

Dishant Shah.

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