Needles? No!

Usually, when I talk about acupressure to people, they almost always associate it with needles. That is why, I thought of writing something about this misconception. Needles are used in acupuncture. The treatment of points in acupressure is done simply by the use of thumbs. The points are pressed, rather than being punctured. Based on my knowledge, I have to say that pressure is more effective that puncture. One, because there are no chances whatsoever of side effects. The use of needles can be harmful if they are not punctured correctly into the body. This chance of errors does not come into the picture with acupressure. Second, when the pressure is given with the use of thumbs, an exchange of energy occurs. So, for instance, if one person is pressing the points for someone, his energy is transferred into the patient's body, giving him/her a boost of energy flow. NOTE - This does not mean that the one doing the points is losing energy!

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Dishant Shah.

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