We are not licensed. The United States does not offer any licenses to acupressurists, though they offer licenses to acupunturists. Nevertheless, we practice this science VOLUNTARILY because we know that this can bring a difference in someone's life. We have seen this happen to us. My mother was cured from 25 years of heavy asthma and I was cured from a very rare kind of liver inflammatory disease that could not be cured with operations or heavy antibiotics.

So, we feel obliged to help people in need. It is just an inner instinct. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so, but once again, please keep the fact that we are not licensed in mind. There are no side effects of this science. If it cannot help, it would not harm you in any way.

The Disclaimer is: We are not responsible for any medical illnesses, its' causes or its' outcomes of any of our patients.

Dishant Shah.

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