1. Press the point (with strong pressure until you begin to feel the pain) and count to 10-12 seconds. Then release the pressure for 1 second. Press again on the same point and count 10-12 seconds once again. Release pressure once again. Repeat this one more time. So, basically, each point receives a total pressure of about 35 seconds with 1 second breaks after every 10-12 seconds.

2. Always use the thumb to press the points. It is important that the thumb faces the body i.e. the pressure is directed towards the body.

3. The points are located on both arm/legs in symmetry. So, always do the points on both sides of the body.

4. Points should be done in the sequence that is written out for you by your acupressurist. For example, if a patient is given the follow sequence - 7 circulation, 8 inner-outer, 1 blood pressure (pumping) and 4 hormones, is means that the patient should do the 7 circulation points on both arms first, then 8 inner-outer points (on both arms) and so on.

5 . You should not eat or drink anything (not even water) 1/2 hour before/after doing the points.

6. Each sequence of points should be done REGULARLY 3 times/day with at least 3 hour gaps in between (emergencies are an exception). So, it would be perfect to do the points once in the morning, then in the afternoon, and finally at night. Irregularity in doing the points or doing the points only once or twice will not help at all. All your efforts will be in vain.

7. For those who have to do Z-points: In case of an emergency, do the Z-points every 10-15 minutes until the problem subsides. Then, follow the regular sequence of points. (You do not have to worry about the 1/2 hour gap of eating and drinking when you are doing the Z-points). Check with your acupressurist if you feel like you are not doing the points correctly. If the acupressurist marks the points for you on your arms/legs, do not erase them or if they get light, make sure you darken them again. Keep the marks until you know exactly where each point is.

Dishant Shah

               Please do not use these points before contacting me or your acupressurist

Point Sequence for Asthma (Root cause: Lungs)

3 Lungs
4 Hormones
5 Toxins

2 Check lungs
1 Check lung on thigh
3 Pinches

STOP after doing not press any points after doing the Pinches


Do the 1st of the 3 LUNG POINTS and the CHECK LUNG ON THIGH every 10 minutes until the wheezing subsides. Continue with regular point sequence after wheezing subsides.